Willkommen zu meiner Webseite. Ich bin Todd, und ich benutze der Platz auf diesem Server, den ich gekauft habe. Es gibt nichts hier für dich zu tun....nur für mich, aber ich lade dich ein, zu mich beitreten.

Aside from speaking German, I also speak English. Let's face it, I have no idea what I'm doing on this, and I only update this when I get bored, but I like the feeling of having a personal website.

Hmmm, so what are some things about me....? Well, I'm a very avid musician, and I'm currently in a band called Pink Pots. Formerly, I was in another band called Nukelele at my old high school, and I also had a synthpop side project called Hyperultra, but both of those projects are now defunct.

I also make videos and websites. I have a YouTube channel that I primarily shitpost on, but I have some ongoing projects - for example, I take a picture of myself everyday, and that video can be found by clicking here. Man, do the days surely go by. I was also associated with a channel called ColorTV Productions in high school, and we kinda flourished in our freshman/sophomore years, but we didn't do anything after that because we were too busy with Nukelele.

I mainly just use this site to screw around on. There's tons of inside jokes that my friends and I have on here, I create random web art when I get bored, and I always like expand this place. So I guess I hope this domain stays up for a little bit. Welcome my fuckery onto the Internet or something, I guess. Mwhuahahahahahahaahahaa!