selected discography

or, at least, everything that's on the internet that i like and wrote for.....all files are v0 mp3s.


Hyperultra was the name I used to produce electronic music between 2011 and 2016. It was the first name I ever released something under, at least online. Ranges from chiptune to synthpop to electro house to experimental electronic type stuff.

Includes the following:
  • UBER (2012)
  • Woop (2013)
  • Vandalic (2014)
  • Titan (2015)
  • Facesquare (2015)
  • Radiation World (2016)
  • Rarities (2010-2016)
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    Combustible Lemon

    A band I joined in the beginning of my freshman year in high school with two of my friends, after two members stopped playing with them. We only ever released one EP and played two shows, and basically dissolved it when we formed Nukelele.

    Includes the following:
  • Radiowave (recorded 2013-14, released 2014)
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    Kevin and the Bikes

    Initially started as a joke in 2014 amongst my friends from high school and I. Somehow grew to be the most successful thing I've ever done, somehow. All songs are from the perspective of Kevin from Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy, or from the other characters of the show, or the followers of Kevin's cult.

    Includes the following:
  • kevin4pres2016 (2014)
  • Bike Crash (2016)
  • Dorkcore 101 + The 102nd Song (2019)
  • Dorkcore: The Compact Disc (2019)
  • kevin4pres2020 (2019)
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    Like Kevin and the Bikes, this too initially started as a joke in 2014 amongst my friends from high school and I. I left/got kicked out in 2018, but the band is still active.

    Includes the following:
  • Saved by the Luau - A True Hawaiian's Eulogy (2015)
  • Live, From a Radiator! (2015)
  • The Specific Ocean (2016)
  • Sledding Down a Volcano EP (2016)
  • 50th State (2017)
  • Live from the Warehouse (2017)
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    Pink Pots

    Pink Pots was the main songwriting project band I was in between 2015 and 2018. It was basically just Grandaddy and Brave Little Abacus worship the whole way through. Was the first band I toured with too.

    Includes the following:
  • Ekzodia (2015)
  • Aaron Ellis & Pink Pots (2016)
  • The Life and Times Forthcoming (2016)
  • Pink Pots/Ozark Soundscape (2017)
  • Adolescence Jacket (2018)
  • "BYE" ep (2018)
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    Componote was the band I was in between September 2018 and June 2019 when I went to Appalachian State University. Basically dissolved when I switched schools; we only ever released one EP and played six gigs, half of which were duo shows without our bassist, who lived in Nashville.

    Includes the following:
  • EP1 (2019)
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    Floating Cloud Music

    Floating Cloud Music is now my latest project, as of March 2020, which is when I'm typing this. Hopefully this will stick around for more than a year.

  • EP1 (2020)
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